16 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 15/04/2021


Besiktas would be aiming to get step closer to title.

Besiktas would be aiming to get one step closer to Super League title as it would be meeting with struggling Ankaragucu at 35th week with 4 point advantage and game in hand from Fenerbahce.

Besiktas would be coming with strong motivation for the game due to the condition but there would be expected to be having tough game as Ankaragucu is currently fighting for survival and are showing some improvement in its performance compare to previous week with giving its all to stay at the league. In addition with Cenk Tosun and still injured Vincent Aboubakar absences it would be having attackers issue even through Cyle Larin did provide some good performance being single attacker in some game and hence would be expected to take that role in successful manner. Therefore, with playing at home Besiktas and being focussed for title it could be seen them as favourites but Ankaragucu would give their best performance.

Besiktas would be looking once again for high possession but it needs to show confident attacking game too for win. 

Covid19 still spreads among players

With 60,000+ daily cases been reported in Turkey on past days, this Covid19 virus continues to be having negative impact to Turkish football and shows how careful players and clubs need to be careful as we enter to crucial weeks.

Talking about medically, with players due of age and physical condition does go through recovery of Covid19 without much issues and it is quesitonable if players order for vaccination should be priorty or not, but with positive cases due of possible spread of virus players would need to be self-isolated which would mean leaving their side alone in such crucial weeks. This blog does state several times that it is hard to control spread virus, but some important precautions can be taken by clubs and players if their dont want to be infected. When league resumed last summer number of effectiveness to football been low as players did took this serious, now they are seem to be more relaxed.

We are entering to last 8 weeks as this virus continues to be issue and right now clubs would need to be precautions with this issue without doubt. 

Galatasaray would show reaction to Mustafa Cengiz after Goztepe game.

Aftermath of criticism from Galatasaray CEO Mustafa Cengiz regarding of players of not getting serious games continues to be having heated issue as player did consider to boycott training session even.

Decision however which been made is to continue with training sessions due of important period we having in the league and provide their rightful reaction towards such words following Super League 35th week game against Goztepe. This crises meanwhile does show strong division between administrative part or more precise CEO who provided such criticism among players which did exist even with Younes Belhanda termination of contract. Right now there is division and misunderstanding among administration and footballers which been created out of nowhere and its right for players to show such reaction.

It would be interesting to see how Fatih Terim and players would respond to this developments. 


Turkish Super League, 35th week:

16:00 Genclerbirligi - Sivasspor

16:00 Konyaspor - Kayserispor

19:00 Besiktas- Ankaragucu

19:00 Antalyaspor - Rizespor

In other news:

TFF has announced referees for Super League 35th week game played on 16th April:

- Genclerbirligi-Sivasspor: Umit Ozturk
- Konyaspor-Kayserispor: Ali Sansalan
- Antalyaspor- Rizespor: Suat Arslanboga
- Besiktas-Ankaragucu: Halis Ozkahya

- Galatasaray has moved its administrative board election which been scheduled on 22nd April due of Covid19 regulations.

Antalyaspor has announced that 2 players and 1 personnel got Covid19 positive test result.

- Besiktas head coach Sergen Yalcin had got his 1st jab for Covid19 vaccine.

- Goztepe player Alpaslan Ozturk has announced that he got positive Covid19 test result.

- YeniMalatyaspor has announced that 2 players and 1 personnel has got positive Covid19 test results.

- Genclerbirligi has announced that 2 players, 1 trainer and 1 personnel got positive Covid19 test result.

- PFDK decisions:

- Sivasspor administrator Erdal Sarilar has recieved 30-day deprivation of rights and 35,000 TL fine due of action to opponent players. - Sivasspor player Hakan Arslan and Galatasaray player Ryan Donk got 2-game ban for serious foul. - Sivasspor administrator ErkanBicer got 15-days of...deprivation of rights due of action to opponent side. - Konyaspor trainer Bekir Arpaci got 13,000 TL fine for action to 24,000 TL fine for events on field. - Erzurumspor got 70,000 TL fine for not following Covid19 guidelines and accepting more viewers.opponent side. -Rizespor and Hatayspor got 24,000 TL fine for accepting more people then allowed to stand. - Kayserispor got 24,000 TL fine for events on field.
- Erzurumspor got 70,000 TL fine for not following Covid19 guidelines and accepting more viewers.

- Galatasaray player Henry Onyekuru has resumed training session following recovery from injury.

- BeijingGuoan are interested to transfer Besiktas players Oguzhan Ozyakup and Gokhan Tore.

- Besiktas are interested to transfer Dnipro-1 player Artem Dovbyk.

- Schalke has informed to Liverpool to provide future plans of Ozan Kabak to club so it can decide actions to be taken during summer transfer window.

- Goztepe are interested to transfer Alanyaspor player Steven Caulkner.

15 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 14/04/2021

 Stuttgart has signed Omer Faruk Beyaz for 5-years.

Stuttgart has transferred 17-year old Fenerbahce player Omer Faruk Beyaz for 5-years with transfer going into effect from next season as player does see opportunity to develop as player in the side which does give attention to young potential players.

With Turkish clubs, especially big 4 clubs, not providing much opportunities to develop for its academy players in recent years, such decision for Beyaz could be highly expected and understandable. It was known that Emre Belozoglu when he was sport director did provide high attention to Beyaz with trying to keep him in the side and even provided him with captaincy during past season, but condition of the club towards him was clear that he didnt see opportunity to develop as players. Examples such as Merih Demiral does prove sadly that Beyaz is right one. Still, it needs to be remembered that everything would be focussed into Beyaz himself with taking his future in serious matter with developing as player but issue here that he would be rewarded if he would focus into that.

Therefore, such decision is highly understandable and could open important doors in upcoming years with up to being key player for national side in future.

Galatasaray would have CEO election on 22nd May

Galatasaray has announced that it would be having CEO election on 22nd May, if majority is not gathered on 28th May but it needs to be remembered that this is case if Covid19 situations would be in safe condition for sure. 

Meanwhile, current CEO Mustafa Cengiz due of some latest statements and generally with how he does his job at the club does recieve some criticism from different perspective with some of his statements not either providing right information or doesnt provide much solution with reports that he does have misunderstanding with head coach and even went to criticise players actions in last interview. Therefore, there is seems to be high number of candidates which would be getting his place with promising to solve this issue which club is going through. Stating that, due of health condition of Cengiz it is unclear yet if he would also run for CEO elecitom himself with him still going through decision process.

It would be expected to be pretty heated CEO election and preparation of course if Covid19 would allow to happen.

TFF needs to find effective way to solve field issues which everyone is unhappy.

Discussion about condition of the football fields following injury of Besiktas player Cenk Tosun continues to be one of the heated conversations right now as player will not be able to play for least 6 months.

Meanwhile, this argument did go into next level with Besiktas claiming that Erzurumspor purposefully didnt waterred field prior to game to prevent Besiktas to play high tempo which is if true would be seen as strong bad-doing regardinbg of sportive behaviour. Meanwhile, there is been also been discussion if there should be some action towards club if football field is not in good condition, with there possibility by TFF to change location and city if this would be case hence providing kind of punishment to side. This action would be pretty extreme but would lead for club to get this issue more seriously. Stating that TFF would need also to provide some assistance to club to solve this issue as some clubs more likely to have some internal issues, such as financial for this to be solved.

This does look to be some serious issue which it does look like all bodies would need to go through to find effective solution as punishments might create some issues in future. 

In other news:

Galatasaray player Mostafa Mohammed has announced that he got positive Covid19 test results.

- Lille has announced that its player Yusuf Yazici has recovered from Covid19.

- Galatasaray football communication coordinator Asli Isliel Kasaler has resigned from her position.

FatihKaragumruk has announced that Alpaslan Erdem, Lucas Castro, Gaston Campi, Andrea Bertolacchi, Erven Zukaronic and Efe Tatli has got positive Covid19 test results.

-TurkishNationalTeam head coach Senol Gunes: Cenk Tosun injury did affect us negatively. This would affect our preparation, now we would focus to make Kenan Karaman and Enes Unal to provide more attacking game.

- Galatasaray and its club CEO Mustafa Cengiz has been referred to PFDK for anti-sportmanship statements.

- Besiktas player Ajdin Hasic had an operation on his leg.

- PSG considers to offer its player Moise Keane to Juventus in return of Merih Demiral.

Fenerbahce player Gokhan Gonul has become injured.

- Galatasaray are interested to transfer Shandong Luneng player Marouane Fellaini.

- Hatayspor has set transfer fee of Aaron Boupendza as 15 million euro

- BocaJuniors are interested to transfer Fenerbahce player Diego Perotti.

14 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 13/04/2021


Fenerbahce showed strong attacking game against Gaziantep.

Fenerbahce did show much more attacking focussed game compare to recent week during Super League 34th week game against Gaziantep but did have some issues with defensive game especially towards end of the game.

Even through as been noted there were some downsides in the sense of defensive game towards end of the game, it still showed much strong attacking game with controlling ball confidently during 1st half even through surprising it did find goal during 2nd half with 3 goals from Mert Hakan Yandas scoring goal which he was scoring last season being probably most eye-catching one. Issue with Fenerbahce however that with focussing into attacking game, it does provide some mistakes at defence which allowed Gaziantep to get into high number of opportunities as game progressed and hence this should be an area which it would need to be focussed on upcoming weeks.

With such result, Fenerbahce did reduce point difference to 4 points with having  1 less game then leaders Besiktas but most importantly has 4 points advantage over Galatasaray.

Turkish Cup final would be played at Izmir on 18th May.

TFF has announced that Turkish Cup game between Besiktas and Antalyaspor would be taking place at Goztepe Gursel Aksel Stadium on 18th May as both sides would be giving high level game very likely in the end of the season.

It needs to be noted that Izmir didnt host major tournament for pretty long time which hence would be seen as good development for them as game would be played on the field which been constructed last season and so far does provide some good visual experience with being pretty modern stadium. Besiktas which aims right now for double would be possibly coming out to this game as Turkish Cup with already winning title while Antalyaspor would focus into making history from this game.

It would be exciting high level game and Izmir stadium could provide needed excitement with hosting this game for sure.

Referee issue in league is collective one.

Galatasaray CEO Mustafa Cengiz has announced that referees are taking strong stance against his club hence joining all other clubs with blaming referees with poor results. 

Foremost, it is important to note that our page does see and admit that there is referee issues which for most of time does affect into final result. We are believing this is more related to performance of referees rather some scenarios taking behind back. We are seeing not any club is happy with performance of referees, so hence it is collective issue at the clubs so it would be more productive to focus on this issues in such manner as blaming each other is certainly will not be solution of this issue at all for sure. However, each club sees this issue as personnel and by that tries to move referees into pressure to be on their side for upcoming weeks.

Central Referee Committee needs to be cautious from such pressure from all clubs but certainly needs to look ways how to improve its performances.

In other news:

PFDK decisions:

- Rizespor player Gokhan Akkan has recieved 1-game ban and 13,000 TL fine for anti-sportmanship actions.
- Erzurumspor has recieved 24,000 TL fine for events on field.
- Sivasspor has recieved 24,000 TL for not following guidelines.
- Sivasspor worker ErhanErdogan got 13,000 TL fine for not following guidelines.
- Genclerbirligi got 100,000 TL fine for anti-sportmanship statements.
- Trabzonspor administrator Ali Surmen got 45-days of deprivation of rights and 50,000 TL fine for anti-sportmanship statements.

PFDK referalls:

- Hatayspor has been referred for accepting unallowed supporters to game. - Rizespor administrator Yasin Ipek been referred for not following guidelines and losing documents wrongly. - Galatasaray has been referred for events on field. - Galatasaray player RyanDonk and Sivasspor player Hakan Arslan been referred for breaking rules. - Sivasspor workers Erdal Sarilar and Erkan Bicer for actions#Konyaspor trainer Bekir Arpaci - Kayserispor has been referred for events on field and not following guidelines - Erzurumspor been for not following guidelines. - Erzurumspor administrator Omer Duzgun for anti-sportmanship statements.

- Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir has been appoined as referee for Europa League game between Sparta Prague and Arsenal.

- Galatasaray CEO Mustafa Cengiz doesnt consider to run for CEO election.

- Goztepe player Titi has terminated contract with his club.

Kayserispor player Ilhan Parlak has become injured.

Galatasaray player Henry Onyekuru will not play for 2 weeks due of injury.

- LeicesterCity has set transfer fee of Besiktas-loaned player Racchid Ghezzal as 7 million euro.

- Arsenal are interested to transfer Lille player Yusuf Yazici.

Stuttgart has made transfer deal with Fenerbahce player Omer Faruk for 4-years

- Trabzonspor player Yunus Malli will not be playing for 7-10 days due of injury.

13 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 12/04/2021


Fenerbahce has shown good attacking game against Gaziantep.

Fenerbahce has got very important win against Gaziantep with providing confident game with 4:2 scoreline with providing attacking game especially during 1st half with creating high opportunities and finding goals.

Fenerbahce did show strong performance with providing high level attacking game from start to an end of the game even through it did have slight decline with performance when scoreline did get to 2:2 scoreline. Still, it could be noted that during this game Fenerbahce did get much closer for the game which head coach Emre Belozoglu been seeking for for with his side with keeping ball on its control and creating numerous opportunities. Even through Fenerbahce did show decline with how it control ball, it did find 3 goals during 2nd half with especially it being present from Mert Hakan Yandas who did score on level of goal which are used to see from him during last season at Sivasspor and likely get important motivation for last 8 games. Only issue for Fenerbahce has been with conceding goal from free-kick which did come out from simple mistake from Altay Bayindir both not being able to catch ball and letting Pelkas leave wall as he lied down below.

Gaziantep meanwhile did provide positive game during whole game and did provide some difficult time against Fenerbahce as it does strong aim to end season at 5th spot which could mean Conference League ticket if Besiktas wins Turkish Cup.

Fenerbahce without doubt did get important win with reducing point difference with Besiktas to 4 points with having 1 game less but more importantly got strong 2nd spot right now.

Besiktas made important step to league title with win against Erzurumspor.

Even through Besiktas didnt provide very strong performance against struggling Erzurumspor with winning game with 4:2 scoreline it did rise point difference with closest opponent to 7 points when both sides have 32 games and made important step to title.

As we entering to last weeks of the season and title being close to hand as it seems to be case for Besiktas, most dangerous thing which could happen is relaxation so it would been important for them to come out into the game with high focus and motivation. Even through tempo-wise Besiktas did actually provide good performance with focussing into creating opportunities as game been progressing it didnt get that tempo which been seen with also conceding as soon as their scored on 1st half. Stating that Erzurumspor needs to be praised also for providing good fighting back for most game with mainly being tired during 2nd half especially when it did provide better game between 45-65th minutes. Meanwhile, there was dissapointing news which did come from injury of Cenk Tosun who did end season and would be missing Euro2020 due of injury which likely did come out from poor field condition. It is expected for him to fully recover between 6-12 months.

Besiktas did get important win especially when its main opponents seem to be losing points. Besiktas right now needs to get 17 points out of 24 and this taking account if Fenerbahce wins all of its games.

Galatasaray player Radamel Falcao went through operation.

Galatasaray player Radamel Falcao has broken bone on his head after being hit head-to-head with his team player Kerem Akturkoglu during training session as he went through operation.

Its been announced that Falcao will not be able to play for at least 3 weeks or would be returned after next week with specifically designed mask which would provide him strong protection. With Falcao getting injured in pretty often times during this season and did get to not bad form in recent weeks, this injury and way its been gotten would be dissapointing without doubt both to player and club as side would come out into crucial games where it would be at least focussed to end season at Champions League spot. Good news that with player being discharged from hospital does show its not being serious injury for him with only being attention to his face in this period.

Meanwhile, present news that Kerem Akturkoglu didnt have any injuries from this impact even through he did also go through medical checkup in the hospital. All players need to be careful with injuries and Covid19 in this period for sure. 


Turkısh Super League, 34th week:

Kasimpasa 0:0 Yeni Malatyaspor

Alanyaspor 3:2 Denizlispor

Fenerbahce 3:1 Gaziantep

In other news:

Erzurum municipality sports and youth director Fuat Taskenoglu: Foremost, I would like to send fast recovery to Besiktas player Cenk Tosun. Spot where he got at field is not at poor condition. We have under heating system. This field was praised 1 month ago, now its criticised.

- Alanyaspor players Salih Ucan and Efecan Karaca has recovered from injury.

- Fenerbahce are interested to transfer Everton player Yerry Mina

12 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 11/04/2021


Besiktas got important win against Erzurumspor despite of poor game.

Besiktas has got very important win against struggling Erzurumspor with getting 4:2 scoreline at game which been played at tough field and raised point difference to 7 points from closest opponent. 

Besiktas with getting such important win with struggling to provide very confident and its usual performance did manage to get scoreline with 4:2 scoreline while being on draw with 2:2 and without doubt did get very important advantage with 8 games. Besiktas as been noted didnt provide performance which it wanted to do which been due of some absences which it did have this week, tiredness from very difficult week where it player 3 games against difficult opponents and also playing at the field which likely has been frozen from icy weather. Talking about injuries, there was unwanted development with Cenk Tosun injury from which he did close season and does raise question with Euro2020 as it is expected it could take him around 6-7 months to be recovered possibly. Meanwhile, it needs to be admitted that Erzurumspor did provide also strong defensive game against Besiktas with giving best which also provided some issues towards Besiktas.

Erzurumspor on their part did provide very strong and confident performance with finding equaliser twice during this game with being highly focussed but did show some signs of tiredness during 2nd half with 3rd goal did affect their motivation. Still, Erzurumspor did provide good game giving signs it would fight until end to stay in the league.

Besiktas did get without doubt did get very important win without doubt even through didnt show very good game but would be saddened to lose Cenk Tosun until end of the season.

Galatasaray continues to lose crucial points.

Galatasaray continues showing poor performance in last weeks as it only has won 1 game in period of last 6 games and not only get further from title with 8 games to be played and 6 points behind leaders Besiktas but puts into danger 2nd spot.

Even through once again Galatasaray does throw blame towards referees, in some moments in rightful manner, it needs to be noted that side is showing poor performance at the field not providing fighting spirit which all Turkish football followers are used to be seen from side towards end of the season. With looking how both sides did compete during game, as Fatih Karagumruk has been closer to win, and looking from attitudes which players are showing it doesnt look like players themselves are believing them. One thing is certain if Galatasaray, and Fenerbahce indeed continues to be losing points in this manner, Besiktas could afford to lose even half of the game to get title. Galatasaray are in big decline and it happening worst time for them it could be.

Galatasaray very unforgetable points right now and does put its title aims further and further by each week without doubt.

Avci plays effective but predictable tactical game.

Trabzonspor head coach Abdullah Avci following previous 2 games states that he is glad how side is performing without making too much poor game but is unhappy with scoreline. But if Trabzonspor got draws from this game, then something is not right.

Avci as head coach it needs to be noted did provide only one tactical game which been more focussed into defensive performance which is effective kind of play which led him to get high number of points. But issue with playing same tactics is that when opponent aware this tactically it is able to provide prevention for such and this what we seeing for sure. It is not done perfectly by opponents as their get draws but not done badly either since they dont lose. It does look for Trabzonspor that it would continue showing this tactic and with that could lose 4 spot despite of 6 point advantage even through as side it should be thinking if it can get even 2nd spot.

Avci tactics is not bad since it always kept his side close to top but its time to question what reason he never got title in those seasons.


Turkish Super League, 34th week:

Sivasspor 3:1 Konyaspor

Ankaragucu 2:1 Genclerbirligi

Kayserispor 0:1 Antalyaspor

Erzurumspor 2:4 Besiktas


Turkish Super League, 34th week:

16:00 Kasimpasa - Yeni Malatyaspor

19:00 Alanyaspor- Denizlispor

19:00 Fenerbahce - Gaziantep

In other news:

Galatasaray administrator Abdurrahim Albayrak considers to be CEO candidate

- Galatasaray player Yedlin will not be playing for at least week due of injury.

SpartaPrague are interested to transfer Fenerbahce player Filip Novak.

- Galatasaray player Radamel Falcao broke bone in his face during training session.

- Gaziantep player Jefferson has resumed training session after Covid19 isolation period has ended.

11 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 10/04/2021


Galatasaray doesnt perform like side which wants title. 

Galatasaray didnt use its opportunity to get into 2nd spot as it did drawn with Fatih Karagumruk with scoreline 1:1 which doesnt even show enough performance for title but also does put into danger Champions League spot.

What is more worrying with this outcome has become not only Galatasaray showing poor outcome in last 6 games but even more showing poor game which does get even worser by each week which is unsuitable outcome both for side which fights for title in the last weeks and also for Galatasaray which always ended season at high note regardless of their performance of overall season. Galatasaray does fair to dominate game which should not only be due of Fatih Terim not being on side as this been present before his ban. It needs to be noted in same time that referee decision of cancelling penalty and red card has been right decision and in fact has been best way VAR been used in Turkey since its introduction to league. Another point Fatih Karagumruk been side which did lose 2 points as it controlled ball much more with creating high number of the opportunities without being able to pass Muslera.

Fatih Karagumruk which been one of the main surprising side in this league this season did provide very strong confident positive performance and without doubt been side which did lose 2 points when looking how sides performed.

Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are doing their best for Besiktas to win title and to achieve them. It does look like both sides would fight now for 2nd spot.

Trabzonspor continues its draw streak and loses important points.

Trabzonspor continues with losing points for 4 weeks as it drawn this time against Rizespor during Super League 34th week and did lose opportunity to get closer to top 3 clubs even through they are also losing points.

Trabzonspor it needs to be noted did provide better performance on the start of the game with creating few opportunities but still didnt provide enough pressure on Rizespor which tends to be issue on recent games apart possibly Kayserispor game. Therefore, even through it does get upper hand it does fail to provide enough pressure to opponent goal which is connected both to good defence of opponent but lack of strong confidence to go front to some extend. Whats been surprising on their part also that rather rising tempo during 2nd half focussed more into goal to raise opportunity to get at least Champions League spot  but quite opposite did reduce tempo and let Rizespor to get some opportunities. This could be connected for side morale and physical tiredness. Side needs to focus more into focus into winning games if it want to see European football next season.

Rizespor on their part did provide some good defensive game with looking few opportunities in start of 2nd half and to some extend continues to show some good performance and does give signs of ending season at high note.

Trabzonspor had 4th draw which on one side it doesnt lose which is good but on other side it doesnt win. With losing 2 points each week could lead them in spot which their didnt aim for.

Besiktas needs to show strong attacking game against Erzurumspor.

Besiktas will be playing against struggling Erzurumspor during Super League 34th week where without doubt it would be seeking to get one step closer to title as it has 5 point advantage over Fenerbahce and 6 points from Galatasaray.

Even through it would be too early to name Besiktas as title winners yet with 9 games left for Besiktas until end of the season, with looking how they perform and their main candidates with contuning to be losing points, they do have very good advantage with both this outcomes. With losing 5 points to Fenerbahce and Kasimpasa, Besiktas did get good motivational and confidence boost once again prior to Erzurumspor. Stating that, it does look that biggest threats among from direct opponents good be coming from sides which are needing points to stay in the league and would provide extra defensive game. Therefore, it would be expected for Erzurumspor which in such position to provide defensive focussed game so Besiktas would need to focus into attacking alternatives to get win for getting closer to title.

Besiktas as been noted are favourites but needs to show top level games as sides which aim to stay at league could be most unpredictable.


Turkish Super League, 34th week:

Hatayspor 2:3 Goztepe

Rizespor 0:0 Trabzonspor

Galatasaray 1:1 Fatih Karagumruk


Turkish Super League, 34th week:

13:30 Sivasspor - Konyaspor

16:00 Ankaragucu - Genclerbirligi

16:00 Kayserispor - Antalyaspor

19:00 Erzurumspor - Besiktas

In other news:

YeniMalatyaspor has announced that 2 players got positive Covid19 cases.

- Genclerbirligi has announced that 1 player got positive Covid19 test result.

-Antalyaspor has announced that 1 personnel and 1 player got positive Covid19 test result.

-Lille considers to sell its player Yusuf Yazici during summer transfer window due of economical situation.

- BayernMunich are interested to transfer Besiktas player Ersin Destanoglu.

10 April 2021

What happened in Turkish football today? 09/04/2021


Fenerbahce continues showing unsatisfying game.

Fenerbahce continues to be losing points at its title race but even more worrying continuing showing ineffective performance on field even after Emre Belozoglu and does provide some worries even for 2nd spot in duratiom of last 8 games in season.

It is true that Emre Belozoglu did have limited time to provide any big changes to the team in such short period and in fact it would be foolish to expect them,however mood which players do show with their performance is also being same, so it doesnt look side which is looking for new beginning in fact. In fact, positive mood of players during training session which been shown by club's social media account and look of worry and panic during games is being almost same during whole season. It is true that especially during whole game against Yeni Malatyaspor side did try to show attacking game which Emre Belozoglu seeked for but it has been ineffective as side did fail to provide much shots and conceded goal did come due of focus into attacking performance.

Fenerbahce now need to focus for 8 games with believing its still can win title with winning each game or otherwise it could lose even 2nd spot.

Galatasaray would need to be more agressive against Fatih Karagumruk.

Following weekday break, Galatasaray which didnt get good results in recent weeks did have opportunity to prepare for Fatih Karagumruk game whole weekday as it would need to get result for 2nd spot and title race.

Galatasaray right now, in similar manner as Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor, are showing unstable performance which is not expectable in duration of last week for fighting for title title even through it turns out slowly into race for 2nd spot. Galatasaray without did provide poor performance during last 2 weeks and hence would need to focus into improving its performance with showing strong response. However, Fatih Karagumruk,where Biglia and Borini did get positive Covid19 meanwhile, is among sides which does provide positive football which it showed during 1st half of season game and hence it would be able to provide pressure to Galatasaray, so its not opponent which side would like to see in this period. Galatasaray certainly would need to show strong attacking game to get win.

Galatasaray do come out as favourites on paper but it would be hard to achieve in reality.

Trabzonspor needs to be aware it can get 2nd spot.

Trabzonspor which did get back-to-back draws in last 3 games would be aiming to stop this poor streak especially opportunity for 2nd spot with performance of above clubs could be opened even if it would be tough.

It does look like that apart Besiktas more or less, top clubs are losing important points back-to-back and side which does have streak during last weeks would get 2nd spot, hence Trabzonspor which did fail to do so with draws did lose this opportunity. Abdullah Avci does state that side doesnt look on table prior to games due of loss of focus it could lead, but with what happening with top clubs this could only provide extra motivation for them. If Trabzonspor realise this their would get more motivation for last weeks. However, Rizespor does provide good performance in recent form and will provide some issues to them for sure so it would need to show balance game for sure.

Trabzonspor due of recent results are being far for title but still have real opportunity for 2nd spot.


Turkish Super League, 34th week:

13:30 Hatayspor- Goztepe

16:00 Rizespor - Trabzonspor

19:00 Galatasaray - Fatih Karagumruk

In other news:

PFDK referrals:

- Yeni Malatyaspor has been referred for not following guidelines.
- Genclerbirligi and its CEO Murat Cavcav and Trabzonspor CEO Ahmet Agaoglu has been referred for anti-sportmanship statements.

- YeniMalatyaspor CEO candidate Sevket Salik has passed away due of Covid19.

- Fenerbahce board elections has been postponed from April 2021 to April 2022 due of Covid19.

- Trabzonspor has made sponsorship deal with Ozyazici Insaat for 1-year for 1,000,000 TL.

- Fenerbahce player Mesut Ozil has resumed training session.

- FatihKaragumruk players Fabio Borini and Lucas Biglia got positive Covid19 tests result

- FatihKaragumruk has terminated contract with with its player Emre Colak

- Porto are interested to transfer Besiktas player Domagoj Vida

Galatasaray has offered 3-year contract to Crystal Palace player Patrick van Aanholdt

- Galatasaray player Emre Kilinc has resumed training session after recovering from Covid 19.

- TottenhamHotspur are interested to transfer Feyenoord player Orkun Kokcu.

- Trabzonspor has started transfer negotiations with Bursaspor players Emirhan Aydogan and Batuhan Kor.